How to Deal with the Stress of Rescheduling your Wedding

In addition to cancelled travel, cancelled weddings are now becoming a big issue during the COVID-19 outbreak. Cancelled wedding obviously cause financial strain and extreme pressure.

According to wedding planning app Bridebook, approximately 64 per cent of 2020 weddings have been impacted by coronavirus so far, either due to postponements, cancellations, or travel logistics, with an estimated loss of £87.5bn to the global wedding industry.

Michael Cloonan shares 4 quick ways to deal with the stress of rescheduling a wedding during COVID-19.

Reassure each other. Often when things like this happen at least one of the parties in the relationship can feel rejected, a small conversation and some subtle reassurance can really help ease one’s anxiety.

Set a new date. Maybe when you were first looking for venues your dream one had to be booked for years in advance, maybe it will be available for your new date. Or perhaps your venue is doing offers to entice people to book?

Date night. Put the children to bed, put your phones away, make your favourite meal, watch a film with a glass or two and relive the moments and memories of what brought you together.

Reignite the excitement. Take this time to go through the finer details, what have you missed? What do you want to change? Take this opportunity to really go through your plans and get excited again.

Leading UK life coach Carole Ann Rice has had some personal experience in the matter too. Here, she shares some handy tips that will help you get through this stressful situation.

Carole says, “Two clients have to cancel their weddings and they are very sad. One of them is actually grateful as the cost was so huge. Now with a refund, she is going to reschedule her wedding on a much smaller scale next year.”

“There is a lot of sadness and disappointment, as this is a time of change and new beginnings. There’s also an anti-climactic feeling, after many months, sometimes years, of waiting and preparation. I’ve been suggesting to my clients to mark the day of the wedding. Perhaps go for a picnic, enjoy a gorgeous bottle of champagne or buy each other a gift or some flowers – celebrate the day in a different way.”

“The disappointment feelings are very profound, and you are also having to let a lot of other people down. It might be an idea for the family (such as the parents, the in laws, the bridesmaids) to also honour the day by sending best wishes and flowers to show that they care.”

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