How To Deal With Moments Of Negative Self-Worth

self worthWe’ve all had those days when we just feel a bit ‘meh’ about ourselves. Maybe you’re slightly bloated, said something to a friend which you regret or are simply having an off day. All of these are normal and something we all experience but they shouldn’t be something you linger on. Here are some tips to cope with days when you are struggling with your self-worth:

Remember that you are not alone

Everyone struggles. Unfortunately, it’s part and parcel of being human. We all see people on our social media feeds who seem to have everything and it’s a reminder of the things we don’t have: a house; a family; money to travel the world; a partner; our dream job. Remember, people only show their highlights, not their lowlights. Just because someone has something you don’t, it doesn’t mean that you have things which they don’t. Any bets they’re envious of what you have.

Stop holding yourself to impossible standards

Sometimes, our feelings of negative self-worth are self-imposed. Are you holding yourself to impossibly perfect standards that no one could ever reach? By setting these standards for ourselves, we are actually hindering our growth and happiness. I’m not saying don’t hold yourself accountable for things, but maybe reassess how high your standards are; you can still be proud of yourself for something that isn’t as ‘perfect’ as you’d envisioned.

Focus on what makes you happy

When we are feeling low, it’s easy to continue this throughout our day. Ordering junk food, listening to sad songs, maybe even drinking. Stopping the negative cycle in its tracks isn’t always easy but it’s always the best thing to do. Watch your favourite movie, listen to an upbeat playlist, bake something delicious and healthy – reminding yourself that not everything is bad is a great way to get out of your funk. 

Forgive yourself

We’ve all had those moments which we replay in our heads over and over again with how we should’ve reacted/ spoke/ etc. Nothing good comes from this. We are just rehashing our ‘low’ moments and making ourselves feel worse. Nobody is or can be perfect; we all make mistakes. Learning how to forgive yourself is a skill which will make you happier. Simply know that you did your best in that situation and you can always learn from it.  


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