How to cope when your career is at a standstill

Everyone has to deal with their career coming to a standstill at some point. I am going through this right now and is completely new to me. I have worked every available hour since I was 16 and have never really had a setback. Up until now. After speaking to the wonderful CEO of Smart Girl Tribe Scarlett I know how to move forward and how you can too.

Give yourself time.

You need to process what has happened. I spent all of my free time trying to find other jobs even if it was something I’m not interested in at all. I was going to interviews most days and worrying about how the interview was going to go. These jobs were not what I wanted and was the wrong thing to do. Don’t put yourself through unnecessary stress and breathe instead.

Keep yourself busy.

Find a positive and healthy hobby to occupy your temporary free time. For instance, I have started an online diploma that can help to further my career. Do some work experience in the area you want to go on or even in something that interests you. Get yourself to the gym or to exercise classes to take your mind off things. Just remember to do something productive. 

Plan your next step. 

Scarlett Clark gave me some wonderful advice this morning. Plan out what you want. Draw a line with a and one side and b at the other. How are you going to get from a to b? Write ten actions down in clear and achievable steps so you can visualise where you are and where you want to be. 


Talk to your family and friends about what is going on and how you’re feeling about things. It is not healthy to keep everything bottled up and will only make you feel worse. Make sure you open up to people that love you and have your best interests at heart.

Write down what is worrying you.

I have put a notebook next to my bed purely for my worries. Every time I feel worried or anxious I write down what it is that is making me feel anxious. I can then come back to this later to help me understand what the worry is and how I can understand that feeling. I especially do this when I am woken up at night with worry about my career. Don’t dwell on it. Write it down and come back to it when you feel that you can deal with it in a more rational way.

I hope these thoughts and ideas help. It is natural and normal to worry about work situations as they can impact a lot of other areas of your life. It will be okay and things will improve and if you are ever feeling too anxious about it all, go and speak to your GP.

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