How To Build A Loving Relationship With Your Sibling

siblingsYou don’t choose your family and that’s especially true for siblings. One minute you can be laughing over a joke and then suddenly you’re at war over something as small as a comment or even a look. Sometimes it’s easier to hate than forgive, but having a loving relationship with your sibling is something you won’t regret. Below are our tips for building a loving relationship with your sibling. 


Your siblings are your first friends

It’s easy to brush off your sibling’s feelings or wants, but remember that they were your first friend. Do you treat them like you would your BFF? If the answer is no, maybe it’s time to reassess how you behave towards them. 

Spend time together

When was the last time you and your sibling spent time together without your parents present? Get to know who they are when you’re not with your family. You might realise that they’re not as big of a suck up as you originally thought; you both may love a TV show and never knew; do you have the same travel bucket list? Your similar interests may just surprise you. 

It’s okay to have different opinions

As much as you could have similarities in your personalities, it’s also practical to understand that you will also disagree over things. This is normal and shouldn’t end in a fight or argument. Thinking that you and your sibling will see eye-to-eye on everything is unrealistic and also, how boring would that be? No two people think exactly the same and we should listen to our sibling to see things from their perspective, and maybe even learn something. 

A sibling tradition

Creating a sibling tradition is a great way to have something special just for you away from your family. Ensure that it’s something you both would be happy to do – this is supposed to be a happy bonding experience after all, not one full of hate and dread. You want it to be something that you both look back on with fond memories. And who knows, it may just become one of your favourite times of the year. 

Think before you speak

We usually think that we can say anything we want to our family because duh, they’re family and have to love you no matter what. Wake up call, no they don’t. Your words can still hurt them and they have just as much right to be upset with you as a friend would. Yes, it’s so much easier said than done, but maybe think before you say something to your sibling. ‘If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all’ comes to mind.


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