How to: Be a fashion mogul

The fashion industry is a rapidly changing one, so if you want to be the next fashion mogul, you have no time to waste! Yes, you might take a look around and notice that those who are influential and powerful in the fashion industry, as designers, fashion editors and more, are often quite mature – Anna Wintour, Vivienne Westwood, Amancio Ortega, just to name a few. Even by scrolling through Forbes’ list of the richest fashion moguls, you’ll hardly find notable 20 year olds. Surely, climbing the ladder of the fashion world is not easy when you are a student without much experience or have just graduated and don’t have an income. But most of the people you look up to started their journey young, too. Because you’d be surprised at how many resources you do have when you’re young…

You will never be better at broadening your network and making connections than you are now. Your enthusiasm and energy are contagious, and they tend to fade away when you’re older and have seen way too much of the world. Everyone wants to be around a dynamic, interactive person, so try and attend as many important events as you can, from Fashion Week to store openings, and impress those who work in the industry! Don’t be shy and make sure to always carry a business card with you.

In order to make a name for yourself in fashion, you need to dress the part – which means you have to dress well.  Which is something you’re best at when you’re young. Why? Because you will never have as much choice of what to wear as you have when you’re young. Whether you’re curvy, slim, or skinny, designers tend to sell clothes for youthful bodies and daring personalities like yours. And it does not take money to learn how to dress! Go shopping, try on clothes, take pictures and learn what works best. And once you know, why not start blogging about your outfits and make yourself known to the world!

When you’re young, you will be given advice by mainly everyone you meet, since people older than you tend to think they know better. Sometimes you’ll be given too much advice – take it from those who have made it. Anna Wintour, for example, gave harsh but valuable advice to young people who want to make it in the fashion industry, suggesting they get a job instead of trying to get everything from nothing. Whether you start with a small job in fashion or with something completely unrelated, it’s best to find an employment which will help you pay the bills while establishing yourself. Aka, keep your head in the clouds and your feet on the ground!

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