How I became a Harvard Speaker

I was once coined the Elle Woods of activism, and that couldn’t have felt more true than when I was invited to speak at Harvard University as a female empowerment expert.

How did it come about? My speaking journey began as soon as I realised I didn’t fear anything more than public speaking. Since, Cambridge, Oxford and universities abroad have asked me to speak to their students about becoming fierce, fearless business women. One afternoon, right in my inbox arrived an email “Harvard business school speaking opportunity.” I squealed with delight, in less than a year the podcast had become top-rated and my speaking career was taking off.

Then I booked my flight to Boston, and if you follow me on social media, you’ll know how it went. AMAZINGLY. Now, as usual I am hoping to share my wisdom with you so you too can become a Harvard University speaker. For now, here are my tips on becoming a speaker, no matter where you are in your career.

Think about the story you want to share. 

You might be reading this, thinking you are not a business owner and can’t offer anything valuable as a speaker. Let me prove you wrong. If you have a story to tell (and everyone does) then use it to your advantage. Usually the most vulnerable speakers are the most relatable and approachable.


Get in touch with your local school or university and ask to speak for free. Pitch them several ideas and show how knowledgeable you are in your area of expertise.

Look for opportunities. 

Once you have pitched at several institutions or even companies, keep looking for more opportunities. Many student clubs create their own independent websites, so you’re in for a great shot too.

Get testimonials.

When starting out, I wanted to back up everything I was saying with hardcore evidence so I prepared a reel to send to companies and universities. This reel was full of videos of students and employers sharing with the viewer how great I was as a speaker. This definitely boosted my chances in getting more opportunities.



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