How Balancing Your Energy Centers Empowers Feminine Leadership

chakraUnderstanding how Chakras operate is key to developing your role as an empowered feminine leader.  This knowledge allows you to fully integrate your worth and value, communicate effectively and maintain healthy boundaries. 
Here’s a short overview of how the Chakras play both a spiritual and practical role in your daily life.
Root Chakra

The Earth element and the colour red connect to the Root Chakra. It is the source of foundation and gives you a sense of stability. The dynamic between fear and trust operates in the root Chakra, so if you’re able to operate from trust in yourself and the universe, you show up as a grounded and focused leader. Repeat these affirmations: “The Earth supports me”, “I have a right to be here as I am”, or perhaps something similar that resonates with you.

Sacral Chakra

The water element and the colour orange represent The Sacral Chakra. It is the center of your creativity. This is where you find the balance between giving and receiving equally and between the Feminine and Masculine Energies. The birth of your innovative ideas  originate here. Some mantras for the sacral chakra are, “I allow myself to be nourished” and “I am a sensual and creative being”.

Solar Plexus Chakra

The fire element and colour yellow connect to The Solar Plexus. This is your centre for personal power, where you connect to your worth, values, and what you have to contribute and offer as a leader. Some connected mantras are, “I am enough now” and “I honour myself and my worth”.

Heart Chakra

The air element and colour green are for The Heart Chakra. It is the center for love, acceptance, and compassion. This is where treating yourself with kindness comes in, because how you treat yourself influences how you show up in all your relationships. Remember, your reality is a reflection of your thoughts. Mantras for this are, “I am greatly loved” and “I listen to my heart and follow its guidance in full trust”.

Throat Chakra

The element of space and colour blue represent The Throat Chakra. It is your center of communication and self-expression. This is where you communicate your needs and values effectively. The ability to express your ideas and ask for your next promotion originate here. Connected mantras are, “I speak openly, honestly, and consciously” and “As I express my truth, I am in my power”.

Third Eye Chakra

The Third Eye is correlated with the color indigo. It is connected to your intuition and deeper wisdom. Many highly effective, accomplished leaders and entrepreneurs use their intuition to make important decisions.  Here you can deeply connect to your senses and gut feeling. Some associated mantras are: “I am intuitive, I am knowledge, I am truth” and “everything is unfolding as it should”.

Crown Chakra

The colours purple, white and pink represent The Crown Chakra. It is your chakra of Oneness and the connection to higher consciousness. This is where you can access your clarity, sense of fulfillment, connecting to the bigger picture, and finding deeper meaning. Some associated mantras are, “I am One with the Whole” and “I surrender and I trust”.

How do you learn how to deepen your connection and develop the individual chakras? Repeat the above affirmations, practise specific yoga practices and meditate. 

It’s important to continue the development of the chakras in order to grow in your connection to yourself. Ultimately, how you find balance within yourself directly affects how you show up in the world as an empowered feminine leader.



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