Halloween countdown

“I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.”  I couldn’t agree more with L.M Montgomery.  October is the month it officially starts to feel like fall.  The leaves colors start to turn, everything pumpkin flavored is back and of course Halloween! Preparations for Halloween usually start in August when retailers begin to advertise and sell decorations, candy and even costumes.  For most however the Halloween season starts October 1st and lasts until the day itself, the 31st.  Everyone celebrates and embraces the holiday in their own way but I want to provide you with the ultimate guide.

The movie series you should spend the entire month of October watching: Halloweentown.   The first came out in 1998 as a TV movie on Disney Channel and was so popular that three more were released as a result.  If you haven’t already seen it you’re depriving yourself of every child’s dream.   Although this isn’t necessarily limited to America it’s a must on your to do list of Halloween activities.

Go pumpkin picking: This is a fun activity in general, whether or not you choose to celebrate Halloween.  It’s a cute way to get you and your friends out doors and it’s a day full of Kodak moments waiting to happen.   They have hayrides and they even sell hot apple cider and donuts! And once you have your pumpkin the next step is…carve a jack-o-lantern! Or paint a face! There are a variety of ways in which to carve out or decorate your pumpkin it doesn’t matter how you do it! Have fun with it! Pinterest is a great tool to use to figure out exactly what you want to do!

Trick-or-Treat! Who doesn’t love free candy? Is getting scared something you look forward to with this holiday? Go to a haunted house, hayride or a maze! Local fire departments usually advertise these the whole month of October as well as local farms so be on the lookout for ones in your area!

Dress up! I don’t care how old you are, getting into costume and being someone other than yourself for a day is exciting! You can be anyone or anything, so be creative! You’re never too old to celebrate and the more you participate the more fun you’ll have.

Host a Halloween party! Require costumes for a costume contest and provide candy and snacks as well games for you and your friends to enjoy throughout the night. Binge watch scary movies and tell ghost stories!

Halloween doesn’t have to be just for kids! There are so many ways you can celebrate and enjoy the holiday because there’s no age limit! As long as your safe in your activities and conduct you should have a memorable Halloween this year!