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grad shcool             

The major question a college senior faces in their last year is: Is graduate school for me? After having gone through four years earning ones’ undergrad, going back to school may not seem all that appealing.  It is crucial that before you make any decisions that you weigh your options first.  Do you have a specific career plan? Is it the best option for you? Will it benefit you in the long run? If yes, then it’s important to start considering schools and researching the programs they offer. Make sure your area of study is being offered and if they host an open house be sure to attend to guarantee it’s the right choice for you!

However, grad school’s not for everybody! It’s definitely something worth investigating if your future plans are uncertain, although not always a necessary step.  It’s possible it may not financially be in the cards right away and that’s okay. If you find it’s vital that you attend the fall after you graduate you could always become a graduate assistant.  This is where you aid a professor at a university while simultaneously receiving your graduate degree.  More often than not in doing this the university will offer a scholarship or pay for your education while you are working. 

Although some degrees require additional education, not all do.  You may want to gain experience in the career world first and if necessary put off graduate school.  Don’t jump into anything for the reason that it seems like the right thing to do.  Just because it’s an option doesn’t mean it’s for you.   If it’s not something you’re ready for or you’re on the fence about it don’t make any decisions you’ll regret. 

For those who are interested, it does have its benefits.  It often even gives you an advantage in the work force when applying for a job.  Obtaining a graduate degree has the potential to earn you bigger career options and or a salary increase.  Depending on your career path, certain fields call for an advanced degree to be able to legally practice it or even to be acknowledged as a professional.

 Attending graduate school can further develop and nurture your passion for your particular area of study.  It’ll broaden your expertise and give you a wide range of career opportunities.  But it’s not for everybody, so make sure you do your research and make the right choice for you.

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