Going to a Smart Girl Tribe Summit alone

conferenceDid you attend our Smart Girl Tribe Summit last year? It’s a whole evening dedicated to personal development and growth. Women from all walks of life come together in community to celebrate everything business, wellness and personal growth. In just a few hours, you feel motivated, inspired and hungry for more.

I understand that going alone seems intimidating and scary, I have been to plenty of networking events and conferences where I know NOBODY. The thing is, you can only gain from a Smart Girl Tribe conference. With expert panellists, a celebrity guest, sparkly mocktails and luxe gift bags, what more could you want?

Let’s be honest, I created this event series out of necessity. So many business events for women are stuffy and boring. I wanted an opportunity to put on my heels and get dressed up while talking about my personal growth, business failures and mingling with the best in the industry. I also found that nobody would chat with one another, I’m an introvert and sometimes need a little push, but there has never been any encouragement to do so. Your soul-sisters are waiting for you.

Cue the Smart Girl Tribe Summit. 


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