How to make friends at uni in a non-creepy way


When you are new to the whole college thing and making friends can seem like work, it can be awkward and daunting to make the first move.

Who has the energy?

And how do you get over the awkwardness?

Growing up, making friends in school was as easy as trading your pretzels for fruit snacks. When you get a little older, friends come with your extracurricular activities or a shared interest in a sport or club. College though is a tad more difficult to navigate when it comes to friends, especially if you’re commuting. So we’ve come up with a few ways to help you find your people on campus, seamlessly.

Pay attention to your classmates

You’ll find that, usually, based on your major, you will share classes with a lot of the same people. Like minded individuals often share interests outside of the classroom as well so take advantage of it. Find out what the girl next to you is doing after class, or even ask someone in the year above you where is cool to hang out between classes.

Join an extracurricular

Take a hint from your early years, and join a club or try out for a sport you’re passionate about. Not only will it help you adjust to college life, but it’s the easiest way to meet potential friends for life. Plus, getting involved on campus is a must especially as a freshman and/or transfer, it’s the best way to get to know your school and your peers.

Be nice

Obviously, this is the golden rule to making friends. Be there if someone in your halls seems upset or even if someone just needs to borrow a hairband. They’ll remember you for being super friendly and will be there for you when you need it too. Everyone gets homesick and everyone is in the same boat in first year so don’t be afraid to stick your neck out.

Attend campus events

There’s always something going on during the week in college and if you’re lucky they’re probably serving free food. So make a point of attending as many as you can. If you’re an introvert make it your goal to exchange contact information with at least two other people. Get out of your comfort zone, you might surprise yourself. Just as Woody Allen said that “Eighty percent of success is showing up,” a big part of friendship is showing up. Whenever you have the chance to see other people, take it.

Stalk everyone on social media

We all do this, especially to find out who is going to be in the dorm next to us. Scope out your university’s Facebook page to find out who is on your course and then have a deep dive into their Instagram or Facebook feeds to see who’s on your wavelength. Everyone is doing the same thing, so don’t be afraid to send a quick message to let them know who you are.

Come with coffee or tea

Everyone is either a coffee person or a tea person, if you come prepared somewhere along the line there will be a buddy who needs a cuppa and a chat. You’ll see.

Remember that everyone else wants to make friends just as much as you

Nobody knows their way around campus, and nobody knows where the good bars are (yet). Everyone is a novice when it comes to making friends at university, even though it doesn’t seem cool to think so. You will soon be making friends for life, but just like pre-school, you need to say hello first.

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