Feel Good Ways if You’re Staying In

night inWith the coronavirus shutting down the world for months, staying in is the new going out. As things start to open up again, it seems our homes and nights in are regaining their charm and beginning to feel indulgent again. I’ve been thinking, and trialling, various ways of making my relaxing evenings even more feel good and I want to share this with you. I hope that as the world speeds back up, you remember that you don’t have to.


Meditation has been quite a craze over these past few years. I’ve found that short meditations are really useful in particularly stressful moments. For me, meditation is getting ‘out’ of my head and relaxing my tension immediately. Mindfulness for me though is tapping ‘into’ my head and working on my headspace gradually leaving me feeling empowered and inspired. During my mindfulness rituals, I believe with the entirety of my being everything that I am saying.

I WILL do ___, I WILL be ___, I WILL have ___.

Giving myself this space to think about all of wildest dreams, without considering how realistic or achievable they are, leaves me feeling so empowered.


Movement is my way of doing exercise without attaching any kind of value and judgement to it. When I think I’ve ‘got to exercise’ it makes me think of ‘calories, over exercising, bingeing and misery’. When I think of movement I think of creative, exciting and enjoyable ways of moving my body. On my nights in I always try to move my body, not only because it makes me feel great in the moment but makes me feel great the next day too. If I’m feeling uninspired I usually pop on a 10 minute yoga or stretching video or if I’m feeling energetic I will walk or run around the park.

Intuitive movement has changed the way I keep fit. Not to mention that incorporating movement every day can have huge health benefits.


I love indulging in my skincare on nights off. I’ve recently fallen in love with the Egyptian magic cream– an all-rounder which moisturises your face and body and claims to heal scars and repair cuts like savlon. I’m not pushing any products, but this one made me fall back in love with taking care of my skin. Masks, exfoliating, using serums and face rollers can all help me feel relaxed. This kind of indulgent self-care can be really grounding and totally relaxing for nights off.


On my nights in I try really hard to make a delicious and nutritious meal. Like so many other women, I am juggling 100 things at a time so cooking isn’t always my top priority. When I have the time making something really nourishing for my body makes me feel really calm and balanced. Often a hearty soup is my go-to because I can throw in all my veg, adding garlic oil, herbs and spices and blend it all together. I would really recommend doing this when you have a night to yourself – not to mention you can refrigerate or even freeze the leftovers and reheat when you are back to being busy.


Getting out in nature is one of my favourite things and often I manage to combine this with my movement. I love a walk with my headphones on listening to some really calming music or even mindful meditations. When I’m out in nature I naturally feel so much gratitude for the world. We take this for granted every day when we are living such busy lives. However, when we slow down, we are able to truly appreciate all there is around us. Get outside, breathe in the fresh air, feel your feet firmly planted on the ground and look for all the beauty around you. This can often totally reset my mood, especially looking at the stars at night. All of a sudden, my problems seem so small and I am just in awe of the world around me.

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