8 frugal date night ideas for Autumn


Autumn is the best season for dating. Doesn’t everyone just want to snuggle up and be romantic? The hot chocolate drinking, movie marathon season is upon us and we can’t deny how cosy we are feeling. Whether you are staying in or venturing outside, this bucket list is an ultimate guide for you and your SO.

Visit an amusement park

If you wear enough layers and wrap up warm, you could brace the cold and go to an amusement park. Alton Towers still remains one of the UK’s best and you’re guaranteed to have a ton of fun.

Go horse-riding

Of course everyone needs a little adventure, so why not locate your nearest ranch? Riding through the Autumn woods is probably our most romantic date idea on this list. It is also a fantastic excuse to wrap your arms around your partner’s waist.

Christmas lights

Okay, technically this is an option for next season, however, the countdown until the big day isn’t that far away. Oxford and Regent Street for instance always have spectacular displays. Make a day of it by heading to the capital, going shopping and grabbing a bite.

Browse a bookstore

Know your SO’s favourite book? Do they know yours? Explore your local bookstore together or head to the library and find some good picks for each other. This is a wonderful way to see how well you know each other.

Cinema outside

There is probably one, if not many films that you have wanted to go and see for a while, yet aren’t the seasonal ones the best? Backyard cinema is redefining the cinema experience and offers a range of movies to go and see outside. With mulled wine available it’s a must-do for the romantic couple.


Pile a bundle of blankets together, put on your boots and wooly hats and head to a safe spot in the countryside. Even if you just stay in the car, it’s a great and relaxing way to chat and costs only a little petrol money.

Visit a museum

There are many amazing (and free) exhibitions on at different museums in London, this is a fab idea for the arty couple. The National Gallery, The Tate are two of the finest. Not to mention the Marian Goodman Gallery which is a quiet place and perfect escape just off Regent Street.

Have a bake-off

Getting a little messy is a surefire way to a successful date, right? Get out the bowls and spoons and have a bake-off contest, you could even ask your friends and families to judge. This date isn’t only inexpensive but can last hours.

Autumn is my favorite season to get creative. There are a million excuses to cuddle under a blanket with your partner and chai tea. It is red-coloured heaven and even if you’re not in a dating situation right now, there are a ton of things you can do with your friends this season. Let us know in the comments below what you get up to, and don’t forget to tag us in some cosy pictures over on Instagram.

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