Curing that lack of inspiration

We have all been there, staring endlessly at a blank computer screen or tapping a pen against a pad of paper. A lack of inspiration can be beyond frustrating, but don’t worry! Scriptoeris has 4 answers on how to cure your lack of inspiration.


No idea is a bad idea

Our first instinct when we write down a list of ideas is to scribble out the ones we dislike, but we must refrain from doing so. Resist the urge to crumple your pad of paper and throw it in the trash. Come back to your ideas later. You will thank yourself.

Confide in loved ones

Friends and family members are great sources for affirmation and encouragement. Open up about your lack of inspiration and you are sure to be showered in love. They will help you believe in yourself again.

Listen to a song that motivates you

You thought of a specific song when you read that, didn’t you? If you are anything like me, music has the power to instantly pump you up. Get out your headphones and crank up Roar by Katy Perry or Brave by Sara Bareilles, some of our current favorites at Scriptoeris.

Let the negativity go

Negative thoughts keep you from reaching your full potential. Sylvia Plath, the admired poet and novelist, was right when she said, The worst enemy of creativity is self-doubt. Be sure to radiate positive vibes and spread optimism instead. You can do it!