I know it may seem trivial, but some of us Scriptoeris ladies have more nail polishes than years left on this earth, and that’s a problem. We spot a pretty colour, we buy it, and wear it probably twice before it’s banished to the back of the draw, like all the rest of the outcasts of years gone by when our eyes have been much larger than the number of nails on our hands and toes combined.
This is where Coloristiq comes in – the first ever nail polish rental company. Coloristiq was born out of the frustration of women who like painting their nails at home and would like to have access to professional quality nail polish delivered to their door but without the waste of owning full bottles. Leaving the world of investment banking behind, Julita Lange embarked on the mission to solve the everyday nail polish problems. By channelling her passion for long-lasting nail polish and combining it with a well-known business model of renting, she is sure to win the hearts of many nail polish lovers.
So, how does it work you may ask? Simple. You visit the Coloristiq website ( and subscribe (£9.99/month) and then you browse the thousands of great nail polishes they have on offer whilst adding your favourites to your Wish List. Each month you will receive three polishes from your Wish List in the post for you to try out, and then send back 30 days later, meaning that there are no gloopy nail polishes left at the back of your draw, and you get to try out high quality polishes from over 160 brands, including China Glaze, Essie and OPI. How has nobody thought of this sooner? Of course, Coloristiq wants to keep things fair, so you are only allowed to use each polish three times, but in my opinion nine uses of high quality nail polishes from some of the newest and hottest collections is better than wasting hundreds of pounds on high end polishes that end up sitting in my draw, unused for years.
Currently Coloristiq is only available in the UK, but with an idea this hot, us Scriptoeris ladies think it’ll be catching on elsewhere pretty soon. But in the meantime, we’re off to paint our nails with the gorgeous baby pink and snowflake-like sparkle duo that we got in our box this month!