4 signs you’re burning out and how to prevent them

We’re all hustlers in our own right and being successful is something we all want to be in life. Working hard and pushing yourself at your job is normal, but there are times when it can go to the extreme. Spiraling down into a burnout is never what we want to do, but it does happen.

There is a difference between having a bad day or week versus an actual burnout. Work can be hectic for a week, but it’s a problem that significantly interferes with health, happiness, and overall quality of life. Here are some signs you are heading for a burnout and how you can prevent one.

You work overtime and some

Various jobs require more work hours than others, but you shouldn’t be working hours after you get home. Working 12+ hours a day, especially on a computer screen, can impact your health tremendously. Use the Pomodoro Technique by working intensely for 25 minutes, followed by five-minute breaks.

Unnecessary stress 

Stressing over every email in your inbox- Red notifications on our cell phones and email inboxes that are overflowing can cause an insurmountable amount of stress. Stress leads to headaches, acne, weight gain, and fatigue. A recent study conducted at Yale University reveals that one in five employees is experiencing high engagement and high burnout levels, referring to them as the engaged-exhausted group.

Being irritable at all times

Do you snap at the smallest things? Do you get annoyed when your boss asks you to do something so miniscule you want to cry? That is not emotionally healthy, and a burnout is approaching.


Worrying and having anxiety are two totally different feelings. When you start to worry about anything and everything in the past, present, and future, you are starting to develop anxiety. A lack of motivation to work can also cause severe anxiety, if you wake up and dread going into the office then things need to change. Find out if you have lost motivation to work here.


Ask questions

If you are feeling so overwhelmed at work you are scrambling to do things, start asking your boss for help. It is okay to admit you are stressed at work and your boss can help you with that.


If you have organised all your tasks and you still feel as though you don’t have enough time in the day to complete them, it is time to start delegating the simple jobs. Get your bosses approval beforehand then decide what you need done first and delegate like the girlboss you are.

Be honest

If you are starting to curl into a ball at work with stress and anxiety, make an effort to talk to your boss. All of that may be affecting your work currently and they may be noticing that. Giving your boss an honest explanation of why you are feeling the way you do will not only be better for the company but strengthen your relationship with your boss as well.

Use your time wisely

Organisation is key to avoiding a burnout. Write down all your tasks and projects with their deadlines to address what needs to be done now versus scrambling later on.

Take a vacation

If you can, take some time off. If you can fit an extended weekend into your schedule do it. It doesn’t matter if you stay home all weekend or fly to the beach but taking time for yourself is so important for your self-care. Don’t forget to leave your phone behind and embrace the time off.

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