3 ways to make money online from your blog

If you are running or considering starting a blog you might want to know how to make money from it. Whether you are an industry expert, blogger or social media influencer these tips will help you build a profitable blog.

Build an audience

Write down who your audience is, their age, their interests and the problems they are facing. Your brand should attract readers that other businesses want as customers. You need to develop a hub on the internet and share valuable content in order to cultivate a loyal audience. You might have a strong following but you need high engagement. It should be easy to see who you are trying to reach through your platform. If you need help, create a facebook group and ask your readers to join it, you will quickly notice themes and patterns-making it a lot easier to work out who your audience is.

Sell digital products

If you are looking for another stream of income, you can see your own products. This could include items such as:

  • Online courses
  • Apps or themes
  • Images other bloggers can use in their own content
  • eBooks

Always keep your audience in mind and make sure your products are relevant to them. Listen to your readers first, if you are unsure about what they want then ask and don’t be afraid to get in touch with your readers. You could even set up a survey and post it on your blog.


On SmartGirlTribe.com we have opted to not have ads, we prefer our clean look. However, ads are a fantastic way, and the most common, to make money online. You can set up Google Ads to run on your website, but make sure you provide the right balance. Nobody likes an ad, especially if content cannot be accessed because a reader has an ad blocker on but with a combination and strategy, you can provide a positive user experience (while making a ton of money). If you choose to have sponsored content running, note that it is illegal to not disclose you are being paid to endorse a product.

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