Best Graduation!

You’ve made it. After four years of finals, ten page papers, all-nighters and procrastination. The anxiety, the stress and the overwhelming idea of figuring your life out all finally feels worth it. The everlasting friendships and memories to last a lifetime, it’s time for you to conquer the world. Now really need to figure yourself out. But before you charge headfirst into the big wide world of the unknown, here are some tips on how to cherish those last few moments. Graduation is about celebrating your accomplishments and the incredible journey that lies ahead. We at Scriptoeris want to encourage you to soak it all in, in the best way possible.

Decorate your cap! Although this isn’t required, it’s a creative and fun way to commemorate your special day! There are all kinds of ways to go about it, whether it is with a quote, a design or a heartfelt thank you to your parents. Do what represents you, your personality and your hope for the future! You could even grab some snacks, make a killer playlist and invite some friends over to decorate together!

Attend all the events leading up to the big day! Most schools, at the end of the spring semester, have various and sundry student activities and events to celebrate the start of summer, and the achievement of getting through another semester. Whether or not you’re graduating, make a point of attending one, if not all, of the events. It’s a great way to help you wind down and put you in the summer mindset!

Dress to impress! As cliché as that phrase is, looking your best usually makes you feel at your best. Buy yourself something new for the big day! Although it’ll be under that gown every student is required to wear, who’s to say you can’t look fabulous underneath? Go shopping with friends or your Mom to find the outfit that you feel confident and comfortable in to help celebrate you!

Capture the memories. Take many pictures, selfies and candids throughout the day. Having those moments to look back on will be something to be thankful for in years to come. Be as candid or as posed as you deem necessary. Snap shots with friends, with professors and family. What better way to enjoy yourself than being silly on camera with the people who mean the most to you? Enjoy it. Every moment.

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