A thank you letter to all the pets who kept us sane during lockdown

dogDear pets of lockdown,
Thank you for all you have done for our sanity during lockdown. Here at Smart Girl Tribe we want to show our appreciation for our four legged, eight legged, winged, etc friends. You have been our rocks throughout these uncertain times. You deserve a medal for putting up with our tears, constant hugs and photoshoots. I am going to explore all the ways that you have helped us. Put your paws up and enjoy reading about how wonderful you are.

So, we all know that we love sharing our wellness tips and if there is one wellness tip that has got a lot of the population through some tough times recently is has been our pets. Pets have been the saviour for a lot people during this lockdown. Not only do they help with reducing anxiety, they give something for people to get up for in the morning and care for and they have also provided company for a lot of people living alone.

Pets are a well know mood-booster and a great way to help manage stress, anxiety and other mental health conditions. Most pet owners will tell anyone that listens about the immense joy that a pet can bring. You may be unaware of the physical and mental benefits of having a pet. Pets have become acutely attuned to the behavioural and emotional needs of humans. Dogs, for example are able to understand and read our feelings and can therefore provide us with companionship and help us overcome anxieties or negative thoughts that are making us feel down.

Pets are also great for boosting your fitness as you still have to make sure that you’re looking after your pets properly by letting the out and during lockdown they encouraged a lot of people to get outside and exercise and explore different walks.

Pets are perfect for helping to increase happiness and reduce anxiety and depression. They provide owners with emotional support and a purpose. Pets are a great way to encourage socialization among their owners and a great way to meet new people and make friends that have other pets too.

Remember to thank your pet for all the do for you. Give them lots of love and care beause they really deserve it.



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