7 Easy Ways to Stay Optimistic during a Pandemic

COVID-19 is gloomy, bleak and not going anywhere. I have been overwhelmed by the fear of the unknown, anyone else? It can be tough to remain positive about the whole situation. Here are 7 easy ways to stay optimistic during a pandemic. 

Communicate with friends and family. It is easy to fall into a bubble during isolation and ignore the outside world. It is vital that you use apps and devices to keep yourself in regular contact with your friends and family. Why not add checking in with a friend or a family member to your daily routine? 

Invest in the uplifting. Don’t just listen and expose yourself to the negative things that are happening at the moment. Invest in things that are positive and uplifting. Listen to motivating podcasts (such as the Smart Girl Tribe podcast), read books or listen to new music. This gives you time to reflect on positives instead of fixating on the negative.

Don’t lose sight of the positives. Even though you may not be able to continue with a ‘normal’ life at the moment you are still healthy. Among other things, you have a roof over your head, you’re able to talk to your friends and have access to entertainment. Focus on the things that you can control instead on those you can’t. You are not powerless, you control your actions, think about all the things you could do to make yourself or someone else feel more positive.

Don’t think of yourself as stuck at home. Start to think of this idea of being stuck at home as staying safe at home. By staying at home, you are reducing the spread of the virus. Keep yourself busy with either work or house chores.

Set yourself a schedule and goals for each day. In these uncertain times it is important to keep structure, routine and purpose. How will you make the most of your day? Have a schedule that you stick to. Think about the things you have achieved instead of thinking about what you haven’t. These goals you set yourself don’t have to be big but small and manageable.

Limit your media intake. I have found the media to be informative and toxic. We all want to have to most relevant information to keep ourselves and others safe. However, sometimes having a media break isn’t such a terrible thing. Limit the amount of times you check your phone in a day and only post positive and optimistic thoughts.

Do your part. Staying at home you could be saving someone’s life. As a country we have been asked to come together and support each other in these unusual circumstances. By following the safety measures that are in place you are acting as one big community. Think about all the key workers that are still having to put us first instead of themselves.

I want to leave you with a quote from Albus Dumbledore from Harry Potter to help encourage some positive thinking. He says: “Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.” Please keep yourself safe and stay at home. 

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