What To Know Before Applying To Uni

rory yaleAt a point in your upbringing, a vital question will inevitably pop up: Will I go to University? From that time on your mind will buzz with unanswered questions and fluttery anxieties about the future. Hopefully this list will put your mind at ease.

1. Research. Research. Research. It’s the single most important thing to do before even thinking about applying for Uni! Research where you want to spend the next 3 years of your life, the course you want to take and the entry requirements you need to achieve in order to get in. The more you know, the better it will be.

2. Decide whether higher education is for you. There are many other great paths after Sixth Form: apprenticeships, gap years and volunteer work around the world. The internet is a handy tool for this one, there are many great websites explaining all these alternative routes.

3. Attend the Open Days. Any chance to take a cheeky look at your chosen Universities is really worth it. I mean you will be spending a long time in that city, you might as well go and look around.

4. Don’t miss the key dates! If there’s an extra event for your chosen course, do it! It gives you an opportunity to meet others who are excited about the same things you are, and you can also meet scholars from different Universities (for networking and fine tuning your choices.)

5. Don’t let your parents pressure you into going to a specific University. It’s your choice!

6. Don’t be blinded by prestige. Some Universities have an extremely high reputation for their amazing results. Truth is, there are so many other brilliant Universities around the country. Ultimately, it’s how the course is structured and how the aspects of that course intrigue you, not the name of the institution.


I hope this brief article sets you on the right course to discovering your future.

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