6 Secrets of Confident Women

We love personal development and growth here at Smart Girl Tribe. One thing in particular that is really hard to overcome however is lack of confidence. Whether it’s our mermaid thighs, fear of speaking up in the office or listening to someone else’s opinion of us. How is it that some women are just more confident than others? Here are six things that confident women do.

They Empower Other Women

Envy won’t get you anywhere, confident women know this. The idea that women who work together must be rivals is old-fashioned and dated. If you have close girlfriends, make sure you celebrate their goals and achievements. Focus on helping other women and serving them where you can. There are lots of groups on Facebook such as the Smart Girl Tribe society which is a positive space designed to lift women up.

They Are Unapologetic

It is about time as women we started recognising how much a strong desire and determination to succeed are brilliant strengths. Even when things aren’t going your way; even when the path you are treading is all up-hill, it will be your grit that achieves your audacious goals. One thing you can do is write the affirmation “I am unapologetically ambitious” on a notecard and pin it to your mirror or wall. Say it each morning without fear of being labeled or judged.

They Are Honest

Being honest with yourself is the key to living your life to the full and being your most authentic, fearless self. This means staying true to your core values and ethos, not being afraid to share your views in certain situations and only following accounts on social media you deem inspiring and relatable.

They are comfortable in their own skin

Taking charge of your thoughts, especially when it’s feelings about yourself, can be one of the toughest things to do when you don’t feel confident. Even though it can be hard to feel beautiful in your own skin, there’s a way to overcome your negative thoughts and learn to accept yourself for who you are. Accept all of your characteristics, even your “bad” ones and practice self-acceptance. Focus on accepting each quality about yourself. No-one else is you, and that is your superpower.

They don’t compromise self-care

Self-care is critical if you are hoping to be a confident woman. It’s no lie that the way we dress has an impact on how we feel about ourselves. Self care routines will put you in a positive state. My self care rituals include meditating and stretching each morning, having a candle-lit bath with salts once per week and journalling before I go to bed. Each activity makes me feel really good about myself, and sets me up for the day ahead.

They Don’t See Setbacks as Defeats

When you see successful people, they are not standing on mountain tops of successes but rejections, failures and setbacks. In life, it is inevitable that you will experience failure. Given that, wouldn’t you rather risk failing at something you love then fail at something you hate? Setbacks will happen and there will be tough days, the only difference between a winner and a loser is a winner will push one more time. Only you can decide if the setback will get to you or not. After any defeat carry out an assessment to determine why it happened and what you can maybe do to avoid the same mistake in the future. I always say, setbacks are lessons disguised as failures.

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