5 Ways to Use Your Downtime Proactively

proactiveMany of us are getting into a new monotonous routine consisting of social distancing and staying at home. Many families have at least one person in their household serving as essential workers. The threat of COVID-19 may feel like it is still at the doorstep.

What I see happening with a lot of colleagues and friends is a false notion that they are not working and doing enough. People have never had this much time on our hands nor are people used to working from home. Therefore, it often feels like one job is not enough. Here is our list of activities we recommend to feel proactive.

Take an Online Certification

Online certifications may seem like they have limited availability as well as limited usage after obtaining the certification. However, depending on what certification you receive, it may be beneficial to your job field. For example, a very beneficial certification is Google Analytics. Google offers free Google Analytics classes, which upon completion students will be able to have the ability to take an exam for certification. Additionally, if you fail the exam, students can retake the exam for no additional charge.

Have Fun with Your Hobbies

It is important to take time to have fun. Hobbies often get pushed to the back of our list of things to do because of life getting in the way. I have personally taken this time to retune myself with my hobbies and figure out what passions of mine mean the most.

Do Something You Have Not Had Time to Do

Maybe you really enjoy walking your dog or going for hikes. Maybe you have been wanting to read a certain book on your list, or maybe you have been wanting to do something you have always been afraid to do. Now is the perfect time to try something new, to do something you have never done before. When people are so caught up in a schedule, it may be hard to realiae what they are missing out on. Some examples of this can be missing quality time with family and friends. Take this time to organise your social media pages, or watch a movie. Whatever it is, it is important to do new things, outside the daily routine, to keep our minds alert and active.

Clean, Clean, Clean

Not everything can be fun. As much as it is important to rest and engage with fun activities, it is also as important to accomplish things. Cleaning can often fall to the waste side with having a busy schedule. It is important to take this time to clean our living spaces. However, cleaning needs to go beyond the physical space. It is just as important to clean out our social media pages of people who bring stress into our lives, or people who just no longer align with our energy.

Rest and Relaxation (R&R)

By focusing on relaxation, we are taking care of the mental portion of our health. When it comes to mentally relaxing, it is important to remember to take breaks from virtual work. It is important to rest the body through sleep and showers to cause calmness within too.


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