5 Things to be Happy About Right Now

happyThis might sound really weird to be talking about at the moment with certain areas still suffering with high cases of COVID-19, but it is important to remember that it is not all doom and gloom. At Smart Girl Tribe we are all about spreading positivity. Here we have 5 things that you could be happy about right now. Trying to see the light in dark situations is a great way to help your mental health and wellness.
You have time to practise your wellness that you wouldn’t normally have.

We don’t normally have the luxury of time to focus on ourselves. You could try out different meditation techniques and different workouts. Or see it as an opportunity to practise your good sleep hygiene. This time has also given us the opportunity to reconnect with people.

You are able to declutter your space.

This has been something that I have personally been really motivated to do over lockdown. You could start by just cleaning out your wardrobe or just your drawers and then escalate to clearing out your home. I have found that it is really therapeutic to try and declutter and organise your life.

Things are starting to open up and we are beginning to get back to normality.

I am so happy that we are able to go back out and do things that feel a little bit more normal (even if we do have to wear a mask.) I have personally enjoyed being able to go out and have a coffee or a drink again and I can’t wait for all things to open up again. However, I have enjoyed being able to explore a lot more outdoor spaces and spending more time in the countryside.

A lot of people are offering to help and aid your happiness.

It seems that people are trying a lot harder to spread positivity. Don’t get me wrong there is still a vast majority of the world hell bent on finding negatives in things. However most people want to remind you that there are things to be grateful for and that you can find some kind of peace in this situation. Yale University has even offered happiness courses online.

The university’s most popular class has now become available to the public via coursera.com. The course is called ‘The Science of Wellbeing,’ it covers topics such as ‘things that make people happy, but don’t’ and ‘how to find lasting life satisfaction.’ Perfect timing Yale this is what we all need right now.

Focus on the positive and eliminate the negative from your life.

We do have reasons to be happy at the moment. Remember that life will always have ups and downs and you can’t change that. You are responsible for your own happiness so make it happen.

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