5 College Costumes for Halloween

mean gAnother year, another Halloween. If you are looking for inspiration on costumes in order to avoid the usual catwoman one (we’ve all been there), here are 5 ideas on how to dress up this Halloween!

1. Barbie. This is the perfect costume if you’re on a low budget this year! Wear your pink, girliest clothes, preferably a top and a skirt, your high, possibly pink heels, and complete your look with a Mattel box! To create it simply take a cardboard box and cut a window into it. Cover the box with pink wrapping paper and attach the Mattel logo and the Barbie signature. Make sure your background is white and feel free to attach some accessories like a pink brush to it using some glue. Let’s go party!

2. Queen of Hearts. Unlike Alice in Wonderland, this character is less seen at Halloween parties. You’ll be able to purchase the costume from most costume shops, but you can do it yourself if you’d like to save money. Use a basic little black dress and high white stockings and sew heart motives on both. If you prefer, you can attach queen of hearts playing cards instead. Wear a crown or tiara and don’t forget to carry a heart-shaped sceptre with you! If you find a flamingo-shaped purse, go for it! For your make up, take Helena Bonham Carter in Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland movie as your inspiration.

3. Astronaut. The safer option might be buying this costume. To do it yourself, however, wear all white clothes (a long-sleeved, right top, white trousers and white shoes) and add a white motorbike helmet and a pair of orange wellies.

4. Victoria’s Secret Angel. Yes, on Halloween, you can. But no, don’t actually head out wearing nothing but lingerie. Get yourself a silk Victoria’s Secret robe (opt for a somewhat tamed one) and a pair of flip flops, and complete your look with signature beachy waves. If you want, feel free to also add a pair of angel wings.

5. Tooth. There are many accurate online tutorials that will help you transform yourself into a tooth. What you will need are 4 pillows (2 long and 2 regular ones) to sew into a cube, a white bedsheet, a big needle, and a lot of thick white thread. If you are going out with a friend, let her be your tooth fairy.

To transform yourself into a slightly scary zombie, just add some fake blood and white lenses to your chosen costume!


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