5 Amazing Women To Follow on Social Media this Summer

Get ready to feel inspired Tribers. Even after purging my social media of fakeness and photoshop I still feel that my newsfeed is clogged with negativity. Let’s surround ourselves with the women who build each other up sharing wellness and mental health stories, promote healthy ‘normal’ bodies and spread positive messages and share amazing values.
Mik Zazon
What a woman. Mik is all about body positivity and celebrating normal bodies. She is a virtual health coach and wants you to show up being unapologetically you. Not only does she encourage healthy living (healthy meaning a balanced life) but she is all about making sure that we love our bodies just the way they are. Her love for self-love is infectious and has recently been involved with campaigns against the glorification of violence against women. Mik is a beam of positivity and reminds me daily to thank my body for all it does me and to embrace and celebrate every inch of myself.
Danae Mercer
This woman is so real and exposing the fakeness that floods social media and I love it. She makes you feel amazing for having lumps, bumps and tiger stripes. She exposes a lot of the tips and tricks that influences use to help manipulate their bodies to make them look better. It’s amazing that someone is out their calling out all ways that people morph pictures to make themselves ‘look better.’
Lizzo has a presence on social media that displays incredible talent, a role model and a body positive activist. Over lockdown Lizzo posted a video on social media telling everyone that she doesn’t care about what anyone thinks about her body.
Izzy Bradshaw
Izzy is an inspiring mum who left her life in the corporate world to help support women with their health. She is inspiring and openly talks about her own mental health and wellness and encourages women to share their own stories. Izzy is all about keeping healthy and offers coaching in both wellness and fitness.
Carys Whittaker
Carys has created a great package that supports you with your mental health. She shares a lot about her own mental health journey through her YouTube channel and e-books. Carys is great at sharing her body and mind positivity. She says :“Our worth and value in life comes from almost everything else other than how we look on the outside.”
I could go on for hours about all the inspirational, wonderful women that you could follow on social media. It is so important to flood your newsfeed with people that inspire, encourage and elevate you. Celebrate the positive and eliminate the negative.
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