How to create more abundance in your life

abundanceAs an entrepreneur you have to be comfortable with manifesting your dreams. Two years ago I decided to radically change my life, I wanted to dive deeper and start living the life I wanted. I genuinely put a lot of my success down to the daily habits I implemented and now would like to share them with you. Here is my daily checklist for making dreams become a reality.

On a daily basis, take a minute to tune into yourself. Ask yourself what is it that you want to make happen, who do you want to be. I even changed my alarm to three words I would want people to describe me as: ‘Alive, empathetic and driven’. Connect with yourself to get intentional, feel it, believe it. Start imagining what your best self and best life would look like.

Be aware of the conversations and thoughts you are having. If you begin to put out negative things, the universe will deliver those. Are you thinking of everything that could go wrong? Or everything that could go right? Try and catch yourself before you say something negative and start cultivating friendships with people who can help get you where you want to be.

Write down 5 things you are grateful for every day. Focus your energy on these feelings. When you are vibrating at such a high level, the universe will respond. You know tribers I do this every single morning, how you are feeling determines what you bring into your life. When you journal you are creating clarity and awareness. Get really specific, don’t just write that you’re grateful for the sun but how it made you feel, how it changed your mood etc.

Affirmations. Some love them, others don’t but they are powerful. Affirmations can just be a positive quote that you print and stick to your mirror or wall. This will retrain your brain and keep you going in times of self-doubt. As you know, I keep a post-it in my phone case that says: ‘Redefine the Impossible’ so whenever I pull out my phone I am reminded of who I want to be.

Raise your vibrations. Move away from the feelings getting you down so you can be more aligned on where you want to go. Head to Youtube and either search for guided visualisations or an uplifting musical playlist. Both will set your mood for the day and possibly change your feelings toward it. Create things in your life that ill uplift and empower you. Your habits determine your reality so make sure you are developing strong habits, today.

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