3 Ways to Shift Your Perspective

perspectiveI love New Year’s Eve, it’s a sparkly time when the whole world comes together and starts dreaming more and choosing better. Being honest though, I love September, it’s like a new year for the academic geeks who secretly miss school (me! me! me!) which is why being only a couple of weeks away from it I wanted to dive into the topic of: perspective. Tough times and pain are a given, this is life after all. Tackling a hard season with the right mindset though will definitely help you.

Where is this coming from?

If you are having a hard time, and are unable to control your perspective then question the roots of it. Is it social media that is derailing your mindset? Could it be a hard season (grief, breakup, new job) that you are going through. Or, is it a past experience that isn’t aligning with your current reality? Whatever it might be, decide if you are going to give it power and remind yourself that if those negative thoughts start eroding your mind, you are letting that happen.

What can I do?

To actively change your current perspective, ask yourself: “How would the best version of me respond to this”. I bet it’s probably love and kindness. So start being kind to yourself. Change your scenery and do something to get your mind off the situation. I love going for long walks, but just listening to the Smart Girl Tribe Summit playlist on Spotify can shift my mood and actively separate me from the negativity.

Who can I turn to?

Look for mentors who can guide you; people who are in the position you want to be. Listen to podcasts, read books and consume media created by people who have the mindset you’d like to adopt.




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