5 Changes To Make Mentally If You’re Heading Back To Work Soon

workThings have changed since you last set foot in the office and these changes may feel very unsettling. If you’re heading back to work after you may need to make some mental adjustments to help you get used to the new way of doing things.

Here we look at some great ways of adapting and coping.

Michael Cloonan is a life and business strategist and helps clients focus on and achieve future goals with his good- humoured, three step approach.
As someone who has gone through his own breakdown and come out the other side, he’s experienced and ready to help everyone achieve their potential.

Here he outlines 5 changes to make mentally if you’re heading

Accept that things might not be the same

While it’s tempting to think you’ll pick up where you left off, the reality is that this won’t be the case. Accept that there will be a certain amount of re-learning to do and prepare for it.

Be honest about how you feel

If you’re feeling anxious about returning, allow yourself to mentally sit with those feelings for a while and recognise them. You don’t need to pretend it’s all fine when that’s not how you feel.


You can’t predict how you’ll react those first few days but you can have some mental coping mechanisms in place. Run through some scenarios in your mind and think about how you can react. Preparation never hurts.

Create a mental checklist

Plan times to check in yourself throughout the day. See how you’re doing mentally and physically and make adjustments if necessary.

Accept you can only change how you react

You don’t have control over your environment but you can put strategies in place to help you deal with it better.

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