10 activities that can bring you comfort in 30 minutes or less

activitiesMake your bed. Whether you just woke up or it’s the middle of the day, making your bed will declutter your room – and your mind. Doing this simple task feels like a small but rewarding sort of accomplishment. And that’s not all. Going to sleep in a crisply made bed can boost your mood and lower your stress. So basically doing your bed can make you feel better instantly and in the long run.
Change your linen. If you haven’t made your bed, take this opportunity to replace your bed sheets as well. This will likely improve the sensation of a clean and fresh room. You know that feeling when you arrive at a hotel room and everything is tidy and waiting for you? Change your bathroom towels as well and you will get this feeling right at home.
Tackle a small chore. Making your bed sounds pretty simple, but to the exhausted or depressed, it can be an insurmountable task. Try something simple that you may have been putting off for a while now, like taking your old mugs to the sink or organising your desk.
Watch an episode of your favorite sitcom. TV shows like Friends or Seinfeld usually have a similar format: 20-minute-long stand-alone episodes that you don’t need to commit too much attention to. They’re the perfect distraction you might be looking for if you’re feeling overwhelmed or blocked.
Post that picture. Perhaps you have a picture or two waiting to be posted on your Instagram feed that you just don’t feel confident enough to share. If you’re feeling self-conscious or experiencing social media disenchantment, post that picture. It will feel like you’re letting go and taking ownership of your online persona.
Pamper yourself. There are plenty of things you can do to take care of yourself in half an hour. You can wash and exfoliate your face, apply lotion on your arms and legs, try a DIY face mist concoction, brush and style your hair… even jump in for a quick hot shower. You’re probably still at home, no one will notice your 20-minute break.
Reassess your space. Take a minute to check your surroundings and notice if something is bothering you. Maybe you have been listening to the same playlist on loop for a while now, or your screen light is too bright. Make small changes that adjust to your senses and you can feel a big difference on your mood, concentration and general comfort.
Play with your pet. Take a quick ten minute break and play with your dog to let go of some anxious energy, or watch your goldfish swim around to gain some peace of mind. Paying attention to your pet is the perfect distraction that fills both you and them of love, affection and companionship.
Change your clothes. A quick wardrobe change can greatly improve your level of bodily comfort. Sometimes, it isn’t until you get out of your clothes that you realise how much they were bothering you. Fashion over comfort is not really a thing when you’re working from home. Try a fresh set of pajamas for ultimate comfort mode.
Read your favorite book. Revisiting a known story can give you a sense of  familiarity to combat loneliness and can provide some escapism when you’re overwhelmed or numb. Reread your favorite parts and saviour the feeling of reminiscing moments as if they were memories of your own.
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