You know you’re international when..

1. You calculate time differences like a boss
2. You start to form opinions on the best and worst duty free shops.

3. Where do you consider home? Where are you from? Which is your favourite city? are all the most difficult questions anyone could EVER ask you.
4. Who needs luggage scales? You have lugged enough suitcases around airports to know.

5. You have a bag of phones with country appropriate sim cards and contacts.

6. You have sofas to crash on in more countries than you care to count.

7. You roll your eyes at flustered tourists at security control, you have got this down to an art.

8. You have profiles on various country appropriate social media like Tuenti and VK.

9. You have a well-seasoned jet lag avoidance strategy.

10. You have numerous university/school leavers hoodies from stints at institutions worldwide.

11. Your problem isn’t that your passport has expired but you have run out of pages for visas and stamps

12. Everyone thinks your id is fake because you don’t look like you could hold a driving license in Yemen

13. Your news feed is cluttered with numerous multi-lingual posts

14. Why pay? Just use your frequent flyer miles!

15. Packing and unpacking effectively would be your superpower. 6 months? I think 18 kilos should do it.

16. Your party trick is swearing in several languages.

17.Your family traditions aren’t dependent on nationality, but on what quirky traits you fancied collecting on your travels.

18. You toast in the New Year with friends from every time zone, so what if that means 5 glasses of champagne? Like you Scriptoeris girls needed and excuse!

19. You always fancy unobtainable foods and beverages! Why are there no Starbucks skinny blueberry muffins in Cambodia?

20. You do a little dance of joy upon meeting someone who has lived in the same place as you.