Where to start with Winter breaks

The lead up to Christmas is magical no matter how old you are but its true spirit can often be lost in the stress of all the preparations. As all savvy Scriptoeris girls know, there is no point on whizzing to and fro until you’re running on empty, even you can’t be superwoman all the time.  The key to enjoying every second of the celebrations is giving yourself time to relax and regroup in the busy festive period and what better way is there to do so than a Winter break? Looking for inspiration? Well you have come to the right place: Scriptoeris’ selection of the ultimate winter getaways (if you can fit me in your suitcase, let me know!)

Log cabins

Picture this, you are surrounded by snow topped pine trees, the sky is so clear you can almost touch the stars and there, in a secluded clearing, is a log cabin. Inside there is a roaring fire and a kettle is whistling on the stove. This scene could be one from a snow globe or a hand painted glass bauble, but why not make it your winter reality? Though Christmas is our favourite time of year here at the office, we know as well as anyone that it can be a stressful deadlines looming, Christmas shopping lists to tick off, manic city centres, kids hyped up on candy canes: sometimes it can seem a little too much to bear. Why not give yourself some time to recharge in your own little serenity bubble? Or spend some quality time with your partner before the whole world goes in to commercial sugar coated meltdown? Log cabins can become your own self-contained little nest for a long weekend. They can be as rough and ready or as high-tech and luxurious as you like, and you’ll be glad to know that you don’t have to hike to the far off forests of eastern Siberia to find one. Popular UK log cabin destinations include areas like the Lake District and many come with luxuries like private hot tubs.

Packing essentials: a good book and a selection of your favourite dvds, a blanket for by-the-fire snuggles and (if you’re lucky) a bikini for hot tub sessions


What child didn’t dream of visiting Santa’s toy factory, meeting the elves and having milk and cookies with the big man himself? So you may not be six years old anymore but what’s stopping you from channel your inner child? Lapland (Finland to those in the know) is the perfect place to go Christmas crazy, though it’s not all about the gaudy grottos! You can learn to drive a team of huskies, ski, go on a sleigh ride or try your hand at snowmobiling. For those of you that want to get away from the commercial hype, there is also the opportunity to visit the kotas (tepees) of the indigenous nomadic Sami people. You can hear about their traditional way of life as reindeer herders, listen to their folk stories and be welcomed in to their culture with a steaming cup of berry tea.

Packing essentials: Snow boots, a down jacket and your Christmas list¦(you know, just in case you see him!)

Ice hotel

The Ice hotel in Sweden is on my travel hit list! Sculpted entirely from ice, this has got to be the frostiest of all Winter break possibilities. Reconstructed every season, you would never visit the same hotel. The ice restaurant is world renowned for its ice menu of delicacies like moose Carpaccio and fillet of reindeer. If you have some down-time, you can learn some tricks of the trade in ice sculpture classes or chase the whimsical and elusive northern lights. If the idea of ice beds is enough to make your blood run cold (pardon the pun!), worry not, the architects have constructed a warm room complex next door where you can experience the delights of a traditional hotel (how novel!).

Packing essentials: gloves, a snowsuit and a hot water bottle ( be careful you don’t cause a melt-down)

Winter sun

If you’d rather swap bobbly jumpers and ice rinks for floaty maxi dresses and infinity pools, then the southern hemisphere should be your destination! Whilst we’re languishing in the snow, all pale and bundled in layers, they are basking in the glow of the temperatures in to the thirties. Not only that but travelling off peak means less jostling for room and photo opportunities at the must-see sights! Turkey barbequed on the beach without a dodgey Christmas jumper/cracker hat in sight AND someone else to do the washing up – sound attractive? Well if that wasn’t enough to seal the deal, you can get deals to some top destinations like Mexico for a snip of their summer peak prices (plus no sharing plane cabins/beach space/sightseeing tours with hundreds of stressed out parents and their restless children). Hand me the sun cream!

Packing essentials: favourite pair of aviators, flip flops and cocktail dress (for gala dinners of course).