6 toxic friends you should be wary of


Spotting that your friend, is negatively impacting your life is crucial. It is better for you in the long run if you are able to admit to yourself that this relationship is not giving you what you initially hoped it would. Here are some ways for you to know for sure that you have to cut this person out of your life.

The jealous friend

The jealous one isn’t able to be happy for you with any of your achievements. They do not support you, and they make you feel small and unworthy. If your best friend is the jealous type, talk to them before making any rash decisions. Go in prepared with some examples though so it isn’t just an empty lecture.

The one who blames you

No matter the situation, they always seem to turn it back around on you. They make sure to act as if everything is your fault and ensure that everyone else knows it too. Although they may not be able to make everyone else turn their backs on you, they will try. In circumstances like these, it is definitely best to cut this person out.

The flake

Why waste energy on chasing people who don’t follow through? Understand if they are going though something- maybe they are struggling with their mental health. However, those who constantly flake due to their own inability to manage their time? That can get exhausting, it is about effective time management and priorities. If they want to see you, they will find a way.

The drainer

According to author of Give and Take, by Adam Grant, there are three types of people: takers, givers and matchers. Some people will always be takers and will suck the energy right from you. The taker is so used to their own behaviour that they know no bounds when taking from you. Best take away your friendship with this one.

The rumour spreading friend

This friend will always be there to bad mouth you. They will spread whatever rumour they can, interject your conversations with negativity, and just generally not be supportive or helpful. Don’t rise to the rumours, concentrate on looking for a true girl-gang.

The attention-seeker

It is fantastic to be proud of your achievements, and everyone should have friends who celebrate them. However, this friend will never let you have a moment in the spotlight because it always needs to be on them. They are always focused on themselves and sharing details that no one actually cares about. They won’t always be loud either, it could be a fairly quiet friend who demands everyone’s attention. Ew.

Whatever type of toxic friend you have in your life, it can sometimes be best just to end it. It can be hard, considering that you once told them everything and trusted them, however if their negativity feels like a constant headache you will be better off. You have to make the best decision for you so that you have the strongest and the most supportive group of friends around you.

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