Tips to stay productive during self-isolation

Dress up

You don’t have to wear something fancy, you don’t even have to wear something nice. The goal is just to get you out of that lazy Sunday mood that instinctively comes from wearing your pjs all day. Changing clothes changes your mindset. You could even wear some makeup, do yourself up, if you have a conference call on the day. It will remind you that what you’re doing is important. 

Schedule your day

After you’ve changed clothes and had breakfast, try listing everything you have to do in the day, then everything you would like to do. Arrange your tasks by time and respect each one. Draw the line between work and personal time and don’t leave blank spaces for “free time”. Name that free time with one of the things you would like to do. You might realize you have more to do than you initially thought. 

Limit your screen time

Right now, we are more exposed to screen time than ever. We use our phones and laptops to work, study and entertain ourselves. Long exposure to a digital screen can have very harmful effects on both your physical and mental health, such as decreased sleep efficiency, anxiety and depression, eye fatigue or even obesity due to sedentary behaviour. Make a conscious effort to step away from the screen for a while every day to stay healthy.

Cut yourself some slack

These are hard times and we’re all going through a process of adaptation. You might feel energised one day, tired and overwhelmed the next. Being home every day can feel like perpetual Sunday blues, you might be feeling sluggish and slow. Just stand up, shake it off and don’t think about it too much. There are still obligations and responsibilities to fulfill, but if they didn’t take all day long before, they shouldn’t take all day long now. Busy is not productive. 

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