The importance of being unproductive during COVID-19

unproductivelyYou scroll through Instagram nowadays and it is all about changing your life and body during quarantine.

All. Day. Long.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the at-home workouts I see on my feed and that new sense of community. Honestly, it has restored my faith in humanity. However, somewhere along the way our society’s need to be at max effort and “never stopping the grind” ​has taken over and infiltrated our homes.

And I freaking fell for it.

I was a powerhouse before COVID-19. I was up at 5:30am to teach the first F45 class of the day and not stopping until 7:30pm. As you can imagine, social distancing brought my life to a screeching halt. Rather than taking some time for myself, I fell for the lie that I had to be doing something during the pandemic. I started diving into creating more content and picking up new hobbies. I didn’t let myself wallow in the fact that my business as a fitness coach had to take a bit of a pause. However, I quickly got swept up in the need to do something, anything. I enrolled in courses, took my workouts more seriously and dedicated myself to 10k steps a day.

Then my sleep went down the toilet and I had to hit pause again. I was so caught up in making the most out of my day that I ​took ​the most out of myself.

It is so inspirational to me to see how many people are picking up exercise and mindful movement. Everyone seems to be using this time to take a step in a new direction. But what about the people who need a second to catch their breath?

Do they need to transform themselves when their whole world has changed?


You are allowed to focus on just being okay during this time. Sleep in, catch up on family time, bake cookies. Instead of changing because you think you have to, just think about how you can be happier. Maybe it’s re-reading the Harry Potter series or making homemade pizza and, hey, maybe it ​is​ taking up an exercise routine. It doesn’t mean you need to run 5k a day. Just go outside, walk, and instead of a step goal; soak in the nature that you are so lucky to be a part of.

Social media and technology have made social distancing a lot easier. We get to see our loved ones on FaceTime and stay inspired through our favourite blogs. But it’s also got this weird way of dictating our lives. Nobody shares that they binge all of their favourite shows or been living on a laptop. We feel this pressure to do more when our lives have totally shifted and we still need to catch up.

So, instead of asking yourself: “What more can I do?” Ask: “What more can I do to be happy?”

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