Romantic Getaways

Fluffy mountains of love-declaring teddy bears adorn card shop windows, perfume and lingerie adverts clutter our commercial breaks and jewellery shops go hit promotion hyper drive. For all intents and purposes, love is well and truly in the air. February always seems tinted with the rosy-hued haze of young loves promise: the excitement of receiving an anonymous card and the anticipation of what might happen next. For those in relationships, it’s a time of celebration of happiness together and a time to fall in love all over again. If you are as in love with travel as you are with each other, Valentines could provide the ultimate excuse for a long weekend away. Need some inspiration? Look no further than the Scriptoeris’ romantic escape top 5.

Bruges, Belgium.

With its narrow, cobbled streets nestled around a network of canals, Bruges really is as cute as a button. Quaint houses line the lanes and restaurants buzzing with chatter spill on to the squares. With a chocolate shop hiding around each and every corner, take the opportunity to indulge. Not only can you taste some of Belgium’s finest exports, some shops are even happy to divulge their secrets in chocolate making master classes. If window shopping for diamonds (a girl can dream!) or carriage rides around the square don’t take your fancy, you could always sip some locally brewed beer over moules mariniere or have afternoon tea canal-side and watch the world go by. Oozing charm, a laid back town which is best explored at a stroll.

Seville, Spain.

Seville is the beating heart of Andalucía, a region renowned for its fiery heat and the passion of the Spanish. As the spiritual home of flamenco, it is the perfect place to be ensnared by the hypnotic rhythms of acoustic guitar and gypsy folklore. Walk in the footsteps of Spanish nobles who courted future princesses in the Parque de Maria Luisa and bask in the sunshine in front of the famed cathedral. Head down to the river, picnic in hand and watch the sun reflect on the water by the colourful buildings of the Triana district. As the night draws in, lose yourself in the side streets of the Barrio de Santa Cruz and squeeze in to a space at the busiest tapas bar you can find (they are always