6 killer strategies to make your week more productive

I’m not going to start preaching about going to the gym and eating healthy food. It’s about having your sh*t together on the inside that will make you super productive. Leaders have a ‘go big or go home’ attitude which makes them so creative and innovative. To not be burdened down with unnecessary tasks or lengthy lists, follow our killer strategies.

Ask appropriate questions. Do you really need to do 50 tasks in a day? As great as ‘To Do’ lists are you need to make sure that you’re not over-stretching yourself. You need to make sure that you have realistic goals in your day. Don’t make a list of things you know you won’t achieve. Take time to sit and think about what you need to do today and what could be on your ‘To Do’ list tomorrow.

Take a break. You need to make sure that you are not going full on for the 8 hours of the working day. According to scientists you can only concentrate for 20 minutes at a time. Give yourself 5 minutes every now and then to get yourself a cup of tea in order to let your brain recover.

Strategise! Tackle your biggest job at the beginning of the day. Much like Michelle Obama, to maintain her energy, she wakes up early to reflect, set goals, exercise and engage in personal development. Just as Olivia Palermo does too. The fashionista gets up at 6 everyday to work out.

Get yourself organised. Pack your lunch the night before that meeting and pick your outfit out before you go to bed. By getting yourself organised you give yourself less opportunities to stress and get anxious.

Give yourself something to look forward to every day or at least at the weekend. Even if it’s just looking forward to your dinner, make sure you give yourself something to look forward to after work. Even if it’s Netflix, date night, catching up with friends or having a lie in, always have a treat to look forward to.

Get some mindfulness in your life. I have recently discovered how amazing and helpful mindfulness can be. Download the app ‘Headspace’, it can make a massive difference to your daily routine. By giving myself 10 minutes at the end of the day to wind down has meant that I am able to sleep so much better and feel less anxious during the day.

I hope my strategies help get you through this week and make it super productive. Have a very productive week full of laughter and positivity.

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