How to deal with emotional pain when you’re young


Tough heartbreak? Lingering argument? We have your pain covered. Emotional pain can be a lot tougher to deal and cope with, especially if the thing or person causing it is still around you. Emotional hurt can stay with us for years and have us living in the past. Read my advice below on dealing with emotional pain and the best practices for it.

Understand the complexities of it. Emotional pain can be more intense than physical pain. Don’t beat yourself up. Many people are often ashamed of feeling pain from their emotions. Men are especially taught to keep their emotions withheld. A person who is sensitive to emotional pain is not weak, just like a person handling it isn’t necessarily strong.

Recognise your own self-worth. It can be easy to let what someone said about you, get to you. Do not focus on the negative things they say. Instead, focus on things you know are positive about yourself. Build yourself up, instead of being another person ripping you down. Always remember, you are your biggest cheerleader.

Take a break from social media. Social media can be a great tool to connect with family and friends. However, it can be healthier to walk away from social media for a bit, while you deal with your emotional pain. Unblock and unfollow any exes causing you pain, any frenemies or even family members you don’t get on with. Social media cleansing by purging your friend list or followers list can be therapeutic in more ways then one.

Surround yourself with good people. It can be important to be around other people when going through emotional pain. Contact friends that are close to you, that you know you can go to for support. These people can help you through emotional pain through conversation. People that care about you, will also watch over you, even when you might not be interested in taking care of yourself. Be honest with the people you feel confident with, and always have a person you can go to where you do not have to hide how you truly feel.

Forgive yourself. Depending on the emotional pain you are going through, it is important to remember to forgive yourself. Start taking action. If you are in the wrong, own up to the mistake you made, and try to fix it. Doing good things for your community, like volunteering at an animal shelter or a soup kitchen, can overall make you feel better about yourself and make the journey a little easier.

Always remember, for any hurt that you are going through that just seems like to much, never be afraid to ask for help. Never be afraid to seek professional help to help cope and always keep your mind just as healthy as your body.

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