“I’ve lost all motivation at work!” Here is what to do.

A lack of motivation at work is normal. After studying for A levels, Undergraduate degrees, Master’s degrees and then pursuing additional training just to work your way up it’s easy to start feeling despondent if you’re not going anywhere quickly and colleagues are slowing you down. Workplaces can harbour a lot of bad vibes and it should be considered a skill it overcome them.

I’ve recently felt like I have lost a lot of motivation at work, due to colleagues talking behind my back. I was told to not take things personally and have had subtle jabs thrown my way for the last few months. I tried to ignore it and just thought it was constructive criticism and would make me better at my job. However, as the little digs got a bit harsher, it became a lot harder to ignore.

Here is how to get your motivation back, without calling your friends and significant other every other day to ask for their advice. There is a fine line between needing support and constantly venting.

Talk to colleagues

It is really useful to talk to close friends at work to see if they have had similar feelings. This gives you an opportunity to lean on someone and ask how to move forward. You could even seek out a mentor at work, someone to talk to when the tide gets rough.

Control your environment

Sometimes we get stuck in a rut, especially if we are not feeling inspired. Controlling your environment is a lot more efficient than relying on self-discipline. Decide in advance when you’ll be having your coffee break and lunch. Make an effort to not let the hours run away with you.

Contact external agencies

You have the right to contact outside agencies for support. There are unions attached to your position so ask at work for their details and then let them know what is going on. More than 6 million people in Britain have joined a union so find out where you can find who represents your industry here.


Trust us, we understand that it seems as though exercise is the answer to everything. It really has helped me overcome my anxiety and deal with my stress levels more effectively though. Plus, booking classes is a fantastic reason for needing to leave work on time as you can be charged for missing a class.

Remember that positivity outweighs negativity

You have worked so hard to get to where you are in your career. Don’t let bad vibes influence your naturally optimistic outlook. You deserve your job. You deserve to be happy. Keep being fabulous and forget about the haters.


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