#SmartGirl in Mexico, the true story about life here

Mexico is a very diverse country. It is home to one of the most important metropolitan cities in the world, Mexico City. In the midst of it though, lies Guadalajara.

The centre of Guadalajara  has an impressive cathedral and city hall, all surrounded by art – quite literally. It is a region too big to be a town but too homelike to be a city. The neo classical architecture of the area is a sight for sore eyes and each building is host to one of the fine arts, be it music, art, theatre or sculpture. This love and appreciation of art and culture expands to the entire region. What we now know is the metropolitan zone was built not over but around this historic town, which makes this city the perfect contrast between tradition and innovation. While the centre is all about  preservation, the ever-expanding surroundings are contemporary and full of great restaurants and parks.

The city’s structure is a reflection of the minds that live here. It is truly multicultural and is an incredible place to build a business. It is an eclectic collection of buildings and spaces, predominately because the people are just as varied. There is no box to fit in, so we belong everywhere. The one common thread is that we all know one another. Even if you are exploring a new part of the city, it is more than likely that you’ll meet an acquaintance – or bump into a mutual friend. This alone makes every place feel like home and not so scary.

The new digital journalism centre makes it a fabulous place to work, the Tequila pad nearby though makes it a great place to play, the tequila produced here is in fact named after the region.

Here it is always business as usual. The young men and women huddle together, while smoking and having coffee out of paper cups, they are talking about building the next global app. They have no fear in designing a new software or even launching online experiences. Mexico if not already, will soon be considered a digital giant. Technology has never been so important, and neither has tequila.

Growing up and building a career in this city feels limitless. There is always room for opportunities, for risk, and for growth. The constant discovery of places and experiences truly awakens the wanderlust inside all of us and makes it a city worth marking. Guadalajara really is one of Mexico’s not-so-hidden treasures.


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