Making the most of travel


I know many a Scriptoeris girl who has put travel at the top of her year’s priority list, but I know a great many more who have done so only to fall off the ‘year of travel’ bandwagon further down the line. Many dream of exotic, far-flung adventures, only to write them off as soon as they wake from the land of nod. When their dreams of grandeur don’t come to fruition, they write the year off as another one wasted, when  in reality all they need do is change their travel perspective. So what if the furthest skies are a little out of reach right now? The key to making the most of travel is not where you go or how much you spend, it’s the new experiences you gain on the way! So here are some simple ideas to get you travelling smart, Scriptoeris style.

Commit but be realistic

Uni and work schedules are demanding, so if you want to travel you have to commit and do so quick. It’s no use saying you’ll spend inter-semester break away, not booking anything and then finding excuses to not bother! Booking time off work is a no brainer and booking it outside of school half-terms will save you mega bucks if you want to fly to warmer shores. Also be realistic with what you can afford, there’s nothing worse than spending all you have on a flight and hotel only to be faced with the prospect of no pennies to spend on local cuisine and experiences when you arrive. Be sure to factor in enough to cover for unexpected expense…but equally don’t scrimp on before-you-travel essentials like travel insurance. Phew…and that’s just for starters!

Go Local

Soak in local experiences at every opportunity, no matter your destination. In just seeing the local sights or by following your guide book to the letter, you’re only scratching the surface of a place. Imagine all the hidden depths you’re missing out on! The only way to have a truly authentic experience is to go as local as you can, and there are some great ways to go about it. Staying with a local is getting easier and easier, with couch surfing getting more and more popular. There are plenty of reputable sites matching tourists with potential hosts. Not only is it an insanely cheap option, with many offering their sofas or spare room for free, but many of the hosts have such a deep love for their city that they wouldn’t dream of letting anyone else show you around. A free bed and the inside scoop on the top non-tourist haunts – what could be better?! If you’re less comfortable with this idea, you could go more traditional and seek out a tour with a local guide, rather than shelling out for the generic tour operator excursions. Sites like list guides in hundreds of cities across the globe, and knowing the money is going straight in to the local economy should give you warm fuzzies!

Or if you’re feeling even braver …

Be a local

People across the globe have begun to list their homes on house sitting sites, looking for someone to hold down the fort while they’re on their holidays. While you may have to feed the budgie or water the house plants, its perfect if you’ve have always wondered what it’d be like to live in x,y,z but have never quite taken the plunge.

Stay spontaneous

While going in blind is never a good idea, be sure not too plan yourself silly. Having a list of non-negotiables is a great idea – think what you’d be disappointed not to have seen or done- but also leave some down time for wandering, exploring, surprises or local recommendations. Who knows what you might find off the agenda!


They say it’s a small world, but so many people neglect what’s on their front doorsteps. Finding sights and activities a short drive away means that you can make the most of travel even when you’re low on cash or find yourself with an unexpected afternoon free. Sod the cleaning, get staycationing!