How to be more independent as a teenager


Being a teenager is tough. Thanks to increasing pressures, expectations and personal problems. We are at that middle stage, we want to grow up, but also want to enjoy the last remaining years of childhood while you can. Confusing AF.
While we are still relying on our parents, it is tricky to find some independence. It is still the saying of “my house, my rules” from them. Yawn. I break down the different ways to gain more independence which as a woman in today’s age is vital.  


Earning the trust of those around you, whether it be your parents, other family members or friends can be a lengthy process. Trust is not built in a day. But once you have earned the trust of those around you, it will be easier for you to go out and spend more time in the real world.  This could mean taking responsibility for your mental health. According to a recent survey, over half of all mental ill health starts by age 14 and 75% develops by age 18, take care of yourself and seek help if you need it.

Ensure your grades are the best they can be 

How you perform at school can often determine if your parents will grant you your own independence. If your parents are happy with your grades, they will let you to go more. Everyone is different, maybe grades do not matter to some, but in general, good grades means your parents are more likely to trust you and know that you are handling your studies responsibly. 

Travel when you can 

Travelling is a perfect example of proving to those around you that you are independent. Maybe the idea of travelling on your own is daunting, so you may want to travel with friends. This is a brilliant way to show you are growing up and can handle yourself. At the start of the year, I went to Paris with some friends for the day and the experience of us going together and not having adult supervision was amazing. We felt free.

Earn money yourself 

Making your own money can show your parents that you are willing to take on more responsibility. Whether you have a job or babysit, making money without relying on an allowance proves to your parents that you are old enough to partially start providing for yourself. 

Ask the right questions

Start looking into the skills you will need to acquire and traits when you leave school. Have an idea about insurance, visa requirements and how bills work. The first big independent act is usually driving, quickly followed by moving out. Talk to your parents about what it takes to run a household. Not only would they be super impressed but you’ll gain A LOT from it.

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