How to stop feeling cr*p about your body


Tired of being told what your body is meant to look like? Me too. Every day I criticise my body for not looking like the Instagram models. In 2019, why is it still so important to be a size zero with washboard abs? Obviously, body image is a massive problem that still needs to be addressed. Therefore, I am taking on a new perspective. I want to be STRONG not skinny. Enjoy every curve and mark that you have and enjoy my tips below.  

Delete unhealthy and unachievable content- This is the first thing I did when I wanted to change my body mindset. I am a curvy girl, never going to be a size zero and probably never going to have a six pack, that is just my body type. Don’t look at pictures of other women, good or bad, they’re not you. Delete and ignore them. Stop putting yourself in the position where you feel like you have to compare yourself to other women.  

Find an exercise programme that is achievable. Classes where you can build a relationship with the trainer will keep you motivated and committed. Keep in mind that everyone was a beginner once and your confidence in the class will grow over time. Get out there, try different things and see what works for you.

Moderation- Just like exercise what is the point in putting yourself through something you don’t enjoy? Find a way to make sure you’re getting your 5 a day but also treating yourself to a slice of cake and a glass of prosecco a week. It is important to have everything in moderation. Life is short so why spend it dieting? In primary school you’re taught all about the different food groups, encouraged to try lots of different foods, reminded about eating five fruits and vegetables a day, but you’re also told that everything is good for you in moderation. So, why do we just forget that when we reach adulthood? I really enjoy food, making and trying different things so excuse me for not wanting to mimic the diet of a rabbit.  

Self love- Having mental health issues, I have found it particularly hard at times to love myself. To help, I have also started following women on Instagram who promote self love and don’t harp on about what exercise classes they are doing or what stupid crazy diet they are on. Another important thing about self love is sharing it and receiving it. Tell your friends how wonderful their bodies are and compliment them regularly. It is also vital to accept the compliments that come your way. Don’t shrug them off and tell the person that they are wrong because they’re not.  

Focus on what your body can do for you not what it looks like. This is something that our Smart Girl Tribe leader Scarlett Clark always tells me. Lumps and bumps make you who you are and enable you to do lots of amazing things.  

I hope my tips on how to stay body positive have helped. I know it is hard to remain positive all the time, but remember how amazing our bodies actually are and all the things they do for us. Ignore the unachievable expectations that society puts on us and focus on getting your body strong so you can go and be the boss b*tch that you know you are. Stay happy and healthy tribers.  

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