How to manage the challenges of online learning

Students are suddenly finding themselves taking classes via Zoom. Others have decided to take an online course to fill in their time at home. We’ve rounded up some tips to help you manage the challenges of online learning. 

Make sure you’re in a proper environment

Dedicate a space at home for only your studies to help you concentrate and establish a routine. Avoid studying in bed or on a sofa. Make sure your study space is comfortable, quiet, free of distractions, and is available to use at any time. If you share your home with other people, ask them to respect this space and your “work mode”. Try doing a video call trial with friends and downloading the material in advance to avoid mishaps during the class. 

Do one thing at a time 

Online lessons require discipline. Being at home can make it much harder to focus, so try to stay on task as much as possible. Avoid common distractions by leaving your phone in another room and closing tabs on your computer. Hold yourself accountable with a schedule and goals.

Take study breaks 

You’ll soon realize that just because it’s on a laptop, doesn’t mean it’s as easy as binge-watching a show. Staring at a screen while trying to grasp new knowledge can be trying if you are not used to it. Take a 10-min break every hour to stretch or get a snack away from your study space to relax your mind and reset your body. Mind your posture and your sight. Breaks are necessary to make your study time efficient. Check out our ideas for activities that boost your energy

Remember it is a real course

An online course is different from a traditional course in its format, not its value, so treat your online class as you would a regular one. You’re paying real money to gain this knowledge. Respect deadlines, take notes and ask questions if you have them. Ask for help from the teacher, other students or a discussion forum if you need it. Even if you might be doing the course online there is a whole community behind it. You might be alone in your house, but you are not the only person involved in the course. There is usually a community built around an online course, and if your course had to be adapted from a face-to-face study plan, your teacher may be much more open to suggestions and feedback from the lesson than you think. Together, you can make the most out of the course. 

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