How to: Je ne sais quoi


Sophistication, elegance but above all elusiveness. There is something you can’t quite put your finger on about what really makes a French woman. Stylish, of course, but with an unexplainable air of nonchalance. Beautiful, but not just aesthetically so. A mysterious combination of wonderful contradictions. Je ne sais quoi means different things to different people, but ultimately it is beauty and class which transcends just the physical. It’s about empowerment and embodiment of self without apology. Much more than clothes, make up or hair styles, it’s a lifestyle, one that each and every Scriptoeris woman should aspire to live to every single day. How can one even begin?

Own your reality without apology
That French nonchalance so renowned the world over isn’t arrogance, it’s a positive kind of indifference. It’s having the guts, in the face of being judged by others, to stand up and say ‘who are you to question my choices?’ Your choices in life are for your own self-fulfilment, not to conform to a trend or make others happy. Own your reality, your choices and your life – what others think, feel or choose for themselves isn’t your concern.

Love your body…
No two women are the same. Self-esteem is not connected to size or shape or hair colour, it’s a mentality. Body confidence doesn’t come from dieting or excessive work-out regimes, it’s about being comfortable in your own skin. Confidence is attractive, ooze it and feel ten feet tall.

and clothe it with grace.
At the end of the day, clothes are just fabric and stitches – it’s how you wear them that makes the difference.  Remember that one style does not fit all. Pay attention to your body shape, buy clothes that reflect who you are, that are timeless, and that fit well, walk with your head held high.

Indulge in life’s small pleasures.
Stop and smell the roses once in a while. Walk in the park, drink your Sunday morning coffee in a café with book in hand. With naughty foods, remember moderation not deprivation – eat that Nutella crepe! Take time to pamper yourself, spend time on a hobby you love, do whatever makes you feel warm inside.

Live with intent
You’re not driftwood, don’t be content with going with the current, going through the motions and living life out of habit. You don’t have to have your future mapped out nor every second of the day planned with military precision, waking up with a simple ‘Today I’d like to…’ is enough.
Don’t mindlessly waste your days, even if your plan is to sit in your pyjamas and watch Friends back to back, do it with intention!

Live life more simply. Cast off unnecessary emotional (and even physical) baggage. Be less of a worrier, analyse and learn from the negatives rather than replay them in excruciating detail until you’re emotionally exhausted. De-clutter.

A word that every Scriptoeris girl should live by. Invest in yourself. Learn, live your passions every single day and blossom.

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