How to hustle for that dream job

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We all have a dream job. When you know your passion, your goal is clear. The path to get there? Not so much. As much as we hope, getting our dream job is not as simple as just studying the right career. It involves so much more: extracurricular activities, internships and lots of networking. The world is a big place, and so, knowing the right people can get you to the right places. Usually, finding these people is a journey. It involves applying everywhere, going to meetings, jumping into unorthodox jobs, climbing the social ladder.

Nowadays, networking takes a more virtual perspective. The world has shrunk to the size of our smartphone. Distance is no longer a determining factor for meeting people and the most unreachable person could answer your message. It´s easier to find and contact people with common interests or experience in the field you want to work on. Your profile now becomes your presentation card and every new friend, a new opportunity. The following tips can help you build a powerful social media network:

1- Clean up your profile. Social media profiles are the new first impressions, and you want to give a good one. Choose a profile picture that is recent and of high quality. You might want to check your bio too, and fill it up with things that matter. Include interests and keywords and avoid quotes, blank spaces or long paragraphs. Make sure your LinkedIn is up-to-date and that there are no questionable photos on Facebook.

2- Find the right people to follow. Keep your goal in mind and build your network around it. Search for people that work in the area you´re interested in or people with experience you can shadow. There are groups you can follow on both LinkedIn and twitter, you can reach out to them and a simple tweet might not get you an interview but most professionals will be up for having a coffee with you.

3- Get involved. Share posts that catch your eye,  that way you show you´re aware and interested. Give shout-outs to the people you want to connect with, no matter how popular they may be. Don´t be afraid to comment and ask questions on discussion boards too.

4- Avoid unprofessional mistakes. The best way to keep your profile professional is not to mix it with your personal life. Try not to use it to interact with friends and family. Keep your personal brand and core values in mind though. Don´t follow too many people or your timeline/dashboard, it could become crowded, keep the updates fresh and current and don´t go overboard with self-promotion.

5- Never underestimate the hashtag. Hashtags are meant to filter information. They are keywords used to find posts based on a specific topic. Use them to identify what you´re interested in and it may help you find people with common interests, or it may help you be found.

By following the right people, giving the right impression and interacting, new opportunities can be found with every new tweet, post or comment. Open up to new ideas and speak your mind, someone might be looking for a person like you. Become part of the millennial business world and follow your passion through every possible door. Your dream job can be just a hashtag away.

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