How to go digital, even if your business isn’t online

As a result of COVID-19, businesses are struggling. Companies that typically rely on in-person sales such as restaurants, gyms, salons are having to adapt their strategies. What does this look like? How can you make the best out of a bad situation? What can you do to make sure your business thrives during this pandemic? Make sure your business is digital.

Think about what your customers want and require from you. Use your social media or subscriptions to reach out to your customers. Start a poll on Instagram giving you direct access to your customers’ thoughts. Send out a newsletter to your clients asking for feedback. You could even offer digital resources on your website. For instance, as a hairdresser you could be writing blog posts about hair maintenance during self-isolation.

Ask yourself what is your customer getting out of your content. Right now, customers are relying on different forms of media. Think blog posts and video content. For example, gyms and fitness centres are using social media to promote live classes with personal trainers. Beauty therapists and salons are using social media to provide tutorials about how to carry out various at home treatments.

People are on social media more than ever. The world has become a lot more interested in educational content. Think about your customer, what can you teach your client? They’re powerful because you are informing your audience but there’s an attachment to an experience afterward.

Consider using different forms of digital marketing to keep your business relevant. Make sure your website is accessible and up-to-date, keep an eye on your competitors and introduce deals to encourage purchases.

These are just a couple of tips to help your business through this pandemic. Remember this is only temporary and try to remain optimistic about your business.

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