How to get mental health help at work

Being 2019, mental health is no longer a taboo- can I get a hell yeah! However, there are still a few locations where it feels quite intimidating to discuss mental illness.

Of course, we all want to appear professional, organised and capable of doing anything. People who have those qualities can also have mental health problems though. Just as Emma Watson has stressed in her recent British Vogue interview. One in four people in the workplace have mental health issues so clearly, discussions surrounding the topic are more important than ever before. It also comes as no surprise that those receiving appropriate treatment are calmer and better workers. Win, win.

Here is how you can bite the bullet and share your story at work.

Honesty IS the best policy

Being honest about your mental wellbeing from the get-go means that everyone is on the same playing field. There will be no shocks or surprises and the nervous tension won’t linger until it is too late.

How they can help you when you’re not feeling 100%

We all want to be the best version of ourselves, but realistically that won’t happen every day. When your mental health is having a bit of a wobble, talk to someone in an authoritative position. You might need to work from home or in a quiet room.

Make sure you’re not taking on too much

In life, especially at work, it is difficult not to be a ‘yes’ person. We want to show our peers just how good we are at time-management and doing all this extra work because we really want that promotion. However, saying ‘no’ is something we need to learn to do as a society. Knowing your boundaries is a positive and showing you know how to prioritise things is great too. Getting rid of that unnecessary strain and stress should improve your mental wellbeing drastically.

Wellbeing events

Thankfully, companies are now beginning to understand the importance of wellbeing, hence they are organising wellbeing events into their calendars. Some offices have these events every few weeks, but if your workplace doesn’t, why not ask your boss if you too could start hosting them? Not only would it help you, but maybe some of your colleagues as well. When people feel valued and loved, they go above and beyond.

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