The 6 Small Gestures Most Appreciated in Relationships

Random acts of kindness aren’t only meaningful but important. We easily forget about the small gestures though when it comes to our own relationship. According to a recent study both men and women rank “laughs at my jokes,” “smiles at me often or randomly,” and “buys me food I like” in the top three small things they most value in a relationship. We needed a little more than that however and have provided expert tips below.

Make sure your partner feels appreciated 

Find creative ways to acknowledge your partner’s talent and hard work. For example, if your girlfriend is a blogger, offer to take some photos for her. Try and show off the specific elements of the job that make you most proud too, it will show you’re not only engaged in their life but purpose too.

Send a morning text

Texting can often be impersonal or just a lazy way to keep in touch. However, a morning text could start your partner’s day on a great note. It doesn’t just say “good morning,” it says “you are the first person I thought of when I woke up.” Maybe they need a little pep talk first thing, in that case cheer them on and let them know how special they are.


Bring up good memories

Being able to call up positive and detailed memories helps us to deepen our inner sense of well-being and joy. But research also shows that calling up good memories can be hard when stressed or sad. If your partner is going though a rough time, take a moment for a little romance. Remind yourselves of your history together and the qualities that first attracted you to one another.  It will give you that warm fuzzy feeling and brownie points.

Put down the phone

We are all told how damaging our phones can be. Use time away from your phone to really engage in the story your partner is telling you about and be committed to having less screen time. “Having that undivided attention when you’re doing something special, even if it’s just making dinner at home together, shows that nothing is more important than that person,” says Jeannie Assimos, eHarmony’s Chief of Advice.

Give a hug

Some people crave physical affection more than others to feel loved. Sometimes a simple hug can be exactly what your partner needs. According to, hugs are important on so many different levels, but most importantly, on a relationship level. There isn’t always a need for words so don’t just try and fill the space. It is easy to write a hug off but it can actually mean a lot, any physical gesture can, the kisses goodbye, the hugs at the door, the hand-holding out and about, they are all important.

Brag to your friends

Let your girlfriends know how fantastic your boyfriend is, and make sure he is around to hear it. Fawn Weaver says: “In a world when 47 percent of marriages end in divorce, we all need to see and hear from the other 53 percent.” Profess your love publicly, not only will it encourage him to live up to your affirmation but will make you feel like a great girlfriend.

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