6 wardrobe staples every French girl owns


Black pumps 

 When it comes to shoes, there is nothing more reliable than black pumps. They are sophisticated, versatile and easy to wear. Find a pair that is comfortable enough to dance the night away and run through the city streets.

Watch out for… the height of the heel. While 5-inch stiletto heels says power, they aren’t great for long days and will not help you if you haven’t mastered the walk.

Work dress

Dresses provide an effortlessly chic look and neutral colors give the opportunity to mix and match so you can wear the same dress, but different outfits. Search for dresses with thick fabric and flattering cuts to look good and feel comfortable. Sheath dresses are perfect for a business meeting because they give a flattering look sans cleavage. Shift dresses, on the other hand, are easy to match and can adapt to the seasons with the right items, which make them perfect for office work.

Watch out for… the length of the dress. Below the knee may be nice depending on the dress while it might be best to leave mid-thigh dresses for going out at night.


If you have to invest money in something, do so in a coat. A good coat is fashionable almost by default, and has the superpower of upscaling any outfit. Purchasing a timeless classic piece will last forever too. To achieve this, a neutral color is the way to go.

Watch out for… bright colors or patterns. Do we need to say more?

Caroline de Maigret, Chanel ambassador and author of How to Be Parisian says: “Parisian women are not perfect and it’s okay. In France we kind of gave up on that whole perfect thing and it’s interesting to other people.”

White collar shirt

A white shirt is the easiest piece in a wardrobe to mix and match. You can elevate the look with a blazer or compliment it with a sweater. White shirts are essential in any closet because they can serve for multiple purposes and they never go out of style. This is a big advantage for undergraduates that don’t yet have the luxury of a walk-in closet full of work dresses and pencil skirts.

Watch out for… the fabric. Cotton is always best for long hours. Try to avoid sheerness and polyester to stay comfortable and work appropriate.


Suits are the ultimate power look in the work environment. Traditional suits used to consist of jacket and straight trousers. Nowadays, the suit has evolved into skinny and ankle-length pants with jackets that have a blazer structure, which can be worn as an ensemble or individual items. Together or apart, the modern suit gives the image of a prepared and put-together kind of person. You can play with colors and patterns to give your suit a more fashionable look.

Watch out for… the right fit. When a suit doesn’t fit your body type, it looks wrong and feels wrong. Brands that focus on workwear are the best choices to look for when buying a suit.


While handbags are the statement piece of a powerful, fashionable woman, a sophisticated laptop bag is crucial nowadays as well. W consider chic laptop bags practical and the perfect companion for the modern business place. Hustlers, home officers and freelancers don’t spend as much time at a desk as they used to, and a laptop bag is the perfect way to take your work with you wherever you go.

Watch out for… the quality. Laptop bags are meant to be used daily, so do your research and purchase a long-lasting bag. The most resistant bags are made of leather (or strong nylon if your budget is limited) with a protective lining and has double stitches.


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